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REYRO in the concert of IL DIVO


The concert started on time! About ten thousand people met at the Hallenstadion in Zurich to enjoy the concert of Il Divo: tour Amor & Pasion 2016. I must admit that i was not expecting them to be very funny. This quartet of four different nationalities (Switzerland, Spain, France and USA) amazed the audience. Carlos, the spanish guy was flirting with the girls all the time, Urs the swiss, impressed with this talent playing the guitar, Sebastian, the french, played very well the piano and David, the american sang at the end  the famous song “Vincerò” and every body screamed of happiness!

IL DIVO not only sings, they dance too, and this is new! There were four beautiful dancers shaking their bodies with a lot ot rythm and the four members of Il Divo were showing what they can do with their hips but i preffer to let you experience this personally.

Definitely a concert that was worth it and if you haven`t seen them yet live i recommend you to check the next concert and book your ticket

Rey Rodriguez




Mister Colombia International 2012! Das ist Rey, Rey Rodriguez. Rey ist Mister Colombia International 2012 und hat auch am Mister International Wettbewerb in Bangkok teilgenommen, dem renommiertesten Schönheitswettbewerb für Männer. Rey hat Kommunikation studiert und bericht aktuell für das Fashion World Biz aus dem bereich Lifestyle, Mode und Prominenz.

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