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REYRO in the world of a nice president!

REYRO and René Stammbach

We had an amazing time with this man that told us about his experience as president of Tennis Swiss and how he became Vice president of the International Tennis Federation. We asked him about Roger Federer, hobbies and free time. The interview is very funny and we are sure that you will like it…Intelligent, peaceful and Cool: President of Tennis Swiss, René Stammbach… Stay tuned

REYRO, Lauri Agosti, and Renè Stammbach

REYRO, Lauri Simpson, and René Stammbach

René Stammbach and Guillermo Barrionuevo     © All pictures by Ralf Eyertt Photography


Mister Colombia International 2012! Das ist Rey, Rey Rodriguez. Rey ist Mister Colombia International 2012 und hat auch am Mister International Wettbewerb in Bangkok teilgenommen, dem renommiertesten Schönheitswettbewerb für Männer. Rey hat Kommunikation studiert und bericht aktuell für das Fashion World Biz aus dem bereich Lifestyle, Mode und Prominenz.

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